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Living with autoimmune disease changes every single thing about our lives: physical health, mental well-being, spirituality, relationships, self-image, food, activities, social life, career… BUT in the midst of all that change is something even more powerful – resilience. 

Autoimmunity teaches us that we are stronger than we think – that we have the strength to keep getting up no matter how many times we get knocked down – that we have the power to not take “No” for an answer, stare our fears in the face and keep moving forward, vigorously chasing the vibrant life we want.  

Autoimmunity is a super power.

You know why?

Living with autoimmunity is really freaking hard BUT it turns you into the badass autoimmune warrior I know you are. Babe, you can do hard things!

“My mission is to empower clients to reclaim their health by teaching them how to make the right food choices to heal their bodies while confidently owning their journey so they can live a vibrant life with chronic illness.”

I created AIP Sisterhood to connect with resilient women, just like you, to provide free resources on how to take control and turn autoimmunity on it’s head, one bite of delicious healing food at a time. 

As you explore this site, you can expect to find support through blog articles about living life with autoimmune disease, healing recipes, resources about the Autoimmune Protocol, and access to personalized nutrition coaching. 

If you’re new to the Autoimmune Protocol and autoimmune disease then I encourage you to start with these articles:

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Welcome to the Sisterhood!