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Shopping For a Non Toxic Mattress

Shopping For A Non Toxic Mattress

Shopping For A Non Toxic Mattress If you’ve followed my blog since the beginning then you probably know that I am pretty frugal. I upcycle clothes from the thrift store, I use almost no disposable products, and I use my heat and a/c as little as possible. That being said,

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5 Tips for Healthier Sleep

I believe that sleep is the most valuable commodity of adulthood; because lets face it we are a population of people in need of a nap. Sleeping has always been an issue for me. In high school, I stayed up too late and got up too early and always wound

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Rest and Recovery with an Autoimmune Disease

Resting. It sounds nice in theory doesn’t it? It brings to mind visions of naps in the sun, vacation, or curling up with a good book, but in reality we as a society equate resting with laziness. If you choose to rest you are seen as lazy and if you

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For The Ladies Only: Menstrual Cup 101

In case you’re a man and you are still reading after seeing the title of this post, proceed at your own risk. I am very supportive of men having more information about female health, but if that makes you uncomfortable, I understand and you have been warned. I have put

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