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Thriving During the Holidays

Let’s thrive together this holiday season, not just survive! The holidays can be filled with both joy and pain. Festive Christmas decorations and sipping hot cocoa by the fire can feel so comforting and joyful, while wishing you could enjoy it together with a lost loved one or anticipating difficult

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Fighting Chronic Lyme Disease: Part II

Well folks, I (Jesse) recently realized that it has been six months since I last updated you on my journey battling Chronic Lyme Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Spoiler alert! I’m alive and everything is fine!  Last time we talked I told you I was going through a series of several IV

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Fighting Chronic Lyme Disease: Part I

Well, I’m wrapping up my second week of treatment for Chronic Lyme disease and I (Jesse) felt it was time to give you all some background on how I ended up here. As I mentioned in my last post my Ulcerative Colitis has been getting worse for sometime. I was diagnosed

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My Journey with Chronic Lyme Disease

Back in the summer of 2018, I felt called to share my healing story, which is why I began blogging together with my sister (Sam). I distinctly remember the moment I decided. I was driving home from a difficult doctor’s appointment, sniffling and drying my tears. I was filled with

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20 Date Ideas That Don't Involve Food

20 Date Ideas that Don’t Involve Food

A lot of date ideas involve food. Going out to dinner, coffee dates, meetings at bars, popcorn at the movies… this can be a hard adjustment when you are following a restricted diet. We’re here to help with 20 ideas that will help you and your loved one have a

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15+ Food-Free Christmas Traditions

Gingerbread houses, candy canes, egg nog, and hot chocolate… OH MY! It may seem like we’re celebrating gluten, sugar and dairy more than anything this time of year and if you are new to following a restricted diet, the holidays can feel challenging and sometimes depressing. So many of us

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How to Be Your Own Advocate – Part II

In Part I of this series we talked about how knowing and understanding your autoimmune diagnosis and treatment options are important first steps in learning how to effectively advocate for yourself and your health, as well as where to find more information about autoimmune disease and treatment options in order

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How to Be Your Own Advocate: Part I

I (Jesse) will be honest, learning how to advocate for myself is a skill I’ve been forced to learn over the past few months. This past year I decided to pursue to use of Biologic medication to help manage my ulcerative colitis, and it has not been an easy or

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Making the Most of Your Doctor’s Visit

At some point, visiting the doctor is unavoidable when living with a chronic illness. Whether it’s for testing, confirming a new diagnosis, creating a treatment plan, or even just medication refills. We’ve all been there at some point or another, anxiously sitting on the examination table waiting for what feels

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