Samantha’s AIP Reset: Week 1 Recap

Well, I am just about finished with the first week of my AIP reset and its been interesting. On the one hand, it was easier than expected. I did full elimination AIP for 6 months when I first started and had very limited reintroductions for the first full year, so

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Samantha's AIP

Samantha’s AIP Reset: Health Update/Intro

Well hello there! Long time no talk. It’s basically been a year since I last wrote to update you all on my health and my life, which at that time just included having had a new baby! Life with two children who are fifteen months apart is about as wild

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3 Tips to Make Eating AIP Easier

When you first start out following a whole food, nutrient dense diet, like the Autoimmune Protocol, the amount of time spent cooking, grocery shopping, just thinking about food and even where your next meal is coming from can be very overwhelming! So much so, it can feel like you don’t

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Reintroducing Coffee After AIP

Reintroducing Coffee After AIP

Coffee… if you were like me and came to the autoimmune protocol from a paleo or gluten-free diet but were still drinking coffee, this elimination probably gave you a moment or more of hesitation. Wine is one thing, chocolate is a little painful, but ok. But Coffee?! Coffee is eliminated

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10+ AIP Paleo Convenience treats for the holidays

10+ Convenient AIP and Paleo Holiday Treats

Its that time of year where we all want to indulge. We may have visions of baking the days away,  making gingerbread houses and curling up with cups of hot cocoa, and while there are a lot of great AIP and Paleo recipes out there for all of those occasions,

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60+ Kid Friendly AIP Snacks

60+ Kid-Friendly AIP Snacks

As summer comes to a close, I know a lot of you out there are readying backpacks, meeting teachers and trying to get organized for a new school year. All too soon, the morning rushes will begin again. A flurry of papers, breakfasts, toothbrushes, shoes, backpacks and busses. But what

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Cooking With Cast Iron

Over the past few months as I have started using food as my medicine in healing my autoimmune disease, I have seen a lot of blurbs here and there about using certain types of cookware. For a while I was on a regimen of Chinese herbs that needed to be

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Real Food on a Budget: Creating a Price Binder

Over the years I have come to realize that, as silly as it sounds, grocery shopping is a very personal task. Everyone has their own ritual, their own philosophy, and their own opinions on the most efficient, effective and affordable way to shop. Some people swear my couponing, some people

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