Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (AIP/ Paleo)

I love breakfast. My days are usually filled to the brim with endless tasks and to-dos, but my morning is the one time in my day where I can take a deep breath and just be, without thinking about everything that needs to get done. Breakfast is a sacred ritual in our house. The hubs and I have the same routine every morning – after exercising & showers, we venture into the kitchen to prepare coffee & tea while we silently prepare our breakfasts and then we sit together at the table or in front of our favorite show to

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Shrimp Scampi (AIP/ Paleo)

I am all about easy weeknight dinners that I can throw together in under 30 minutes. This Shrimp Scampi (AIP/ Paleo) is just about as easy as it gets. With only a few ingredients, this dish really packs a flavor punch! The shrimp are buttery, garlicy and succulent with a slight lemony kick at the end. These shrimp are seriously so good all on their own! I love to serve this overtop cassava flour pasta by Jovial! It has become my new obsession. I also really like roasted spaghetti squash too. Both are really simple to make and require minimal

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Maple Glazed Bacon (AIP/ Paleo)

This maple glazed bacon is the perfect balance of sweet and savory with a little hint of citrus. It tastes like a pancake breakfast all in one bite of deliciousness! I always try to find new ways to jazz up old-classics around the holidays to make regular meals feel a little bit more special. As if bacon wasn’t already great enough on its own, you would be amazed how adding a touch of sweetness and zestiness really creates a whole new dish! Serve this bacon alongside my Paleo Cinnamon Rolls for a special and sweet holidays breakfast treat. Maple Glazed

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Peppermint Hot Chocolate (AIP/ Paleo)

This year has really sucked. I honestly don’t even have the right words to fully describe how terrible this year has felt, so as a result I’ve been feeling the need to really lean into this holiday season and find pockets of joy where I can and this peppermint hot chocolate helps me do just that. I love all the comforting flavors this time of year brings and the combination of peppermint and chocolate is one of my favorites. This hot chocolate has a smooth and velvety taste with just the slightest hint of sweet peppermint. As soon as I

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Paleo Cinnamon Rolls (AIP-reintro)

I don’t really believe in “guilty-pleasure” foods because I think we should give ourselves permission to just enjoy the food we’re eating without assigning shame to it. That being said, there are certain comfort foods that I LOVE, and these paleo cinnamon rolls definitely tick that box.  I have been following my personalized template of the Autoimmune Protocol for 8 years now, but there is something so comforting about bread and sugar… I admit it! No matter how much liver pate I eat and bone broth I drink, sometimes I just want something that tastes like sugary-goodness. So, this year

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Snickerdoodle Cookies (Paleo/ AIP Reintro)

Do you have a favorite cookie? Mine has always been snickerdoodles. To me, a snickerdoodle is everything that is great about a cookie. It has a soft, chewy texture with just a little bit of crisp around the edges and a sugary sweetness that just melts in your mouth…. Oh sorry my mouth just started watering! These Snickerdoodle Cookies are paleo AND AIP-friendly with a stage-1 reintroduction. Snickerdoodles are my mom’s favorite too, so we used to make them a lot around Christmas time while I was growing up. I have such fond memories of baking together with my mom,

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