A Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

The Simple Guide to AIP

Happy 2016 Everyone! I hope that this first post of the new year finds you all refreshed and well. We hear a lot about resolutions during this time of year, and I am sure many of you are already sick of it. Maybe you enjoy making an official New Year’s Resolution, or maybe you don’t believe in them. Either way, it is almost impossible not to look ahead at the possibilities of a new year and not be tempted to set some sort of goal, and for many of us that goal is health related. If you are a long time reader of this blog you know that I do not focus on common health topics like losing weight or cutting calories, the health goals around here are to eat anti-inflammatory foods, restore gut health, and recover from chronic illness. A lot of people are discovering the importance of these goals and it is changing their lives, but with so much new information out there, figuring out how to start out on a healing diet can be… overwhelming to say the least. Even after 2+ years on the autoimmune protocol I am still learning new things and setting new goals every day! That is why I am super excited to share a brand new resource with you all today that will help minimize the confusion and maximize your healing potential!

My friend Eileen over at the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) blog Phoenix Helix is one of the best AIP bloggers around and she specializes in discussing all of the ins and outs of living a healing lifestyle. Between her awesome blog articles, her work with Paleo Magazine, and her super informative podcast … lets just say she knows her stuff! One of my favorite things about Eileen though, is her ability to take super in-depth topics and explain them in a way that is concise and applicable.

Eileen was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis in her 40’s and was able to reduce her symptoms by 95% by following the autoimmune protocol. Can you imagine what it would feel like to see change like that by this time next year?

So now the exciting news: Eileen has written a book, but before you stop paying attention and think that this is just a pitch, it is not a cookbook or a science book… it is a simple practical guide to the autoimmune protocol. If you are the type of person who, “just wants to know what time it is, not how the clock works”, this is the resource you need! Here are the top 5 things I love about Eileen’s book “A Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol”:

  1. The Table of Contents: That’s right, we’re starting from the beginning. The way this book is organized speaks to how applicable of a resource it is. The sections allow you to easily skip to the information you need when you need it, making it a great reference book not just a book to read once from cover to cover. The sections even go beyond describing what to eat and not eat, there are chapters covering how to eat at restaurants, how to travel, and how to deal with the holidays!
  2. “This is Too Hard- I Can’t Do It” – This is probably my favorite chapter in the book, because it is just heartfelt and real. Every person who has ever committed to the autoimmune protocol has had this moment. The moment where they know that this is something they need to try, but their brain freaks out and says its just too hard. Eileen talks about this and also talks about some practical ways to work through these feelings.
  3. Its Concise: This book is comprehensive but concise, which is not an easy balance to strike! It covers every aspect of healing from eliminating foods and why, to finding support, to dealing with flares, to circadian rhythms, and how to appropriately detox… that is a ton of material! But each sections lays out the applicable nuts and bolts in a perfectly understandable, straightforward way and then moves on! No fancy science words, no unnecessary fluff just the facts and what to do about them.
  4. Its a Resource You’ll Go Back To: How many times have you bought a book about a diet, or a workout routine, or a health fad only to read it once get started and then never look at it again because it wasn’t helpful anymore? It feels like a waste. This book will serve as a reference through your entire healing journey because it covers so much! You will read it now and focus on what foods to eliminate and add in, then in a few months when you feel ready you’ll focus in on more of the lifestyle stuff, then over the summer when you take your first big AIP trip you will want to reference the travel section, and this time next year you’ll be skimming the section on holidays!
  5. It is a Truly One of a Kind Book: There is literally no other book on the market right now that addresses what this book does. We have The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne which is THE book with all of the information, all of the science, and all of the explanation and it is amazing! But for some people, just starting out it can be a bit overwhelming. Then we have a wonderful selection of print and electronic cookbooks all with their own focus and story that have contributed a wealth of information and resources to the autoimmune community, but there is no other book that serves as a go-to pocket guide. No other book that you can hand to a friend and say here: this is what the autoimmune protocol entails. It is truly one of a kind right now.

So now that I have told you why my friend Eileen and her book are amazing! I want to offer you the opportunity to get a copy for yourself. If you are just eager to check it out you can find it in print and in e-book format HERE on Amazon. Go check it out now! After you do that come back and checkout the special giveaway I am hosting below. Eileen has been gracious enough to offer one lucky reader a free e-book copy of her new book so fill out the form below and you’ll be entered into that drawing! If you are ready to make 2016 a year of healing this is the place to start! Happy New Year Everyone!

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Jesse St. Jean

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