Peppermint Hot Chocolate (AIP/ Paleo)

This year has really sucked. I honestly don’t even have the right words to fully describe how terrible this year has felt, so as a result I’ve been feeling the need to really lean into this holiday season and find pockets of joy where I can and this peppermint hot

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Paleo Cinnamon Rolls (AIP-reintro)

I don’t really believe in “guilty-pleasure” foods because I think we should give ourselves permission to just enjoy the food we’re eating without assigning shame to it. That being said, there are certain comfort foods that I LOVE, and these paleo cinnamon rolls definitely tick that box.  I have been

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Snickerdoodle Cookies (Paleo/ AIP Reintro)

Do you have a favorite cookie? Mine has always been snickerdoodles. To me, a snickerdoodle is everything that is great about a cookie. It has a soft, chewy texture with just a little bit of crisp around the edges and a sugary sweetness that just melts in your mouth…. Oh

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Pumpkin Spice "Cheesecake" (AIP)

Mini Pumpkin “Cheesecakes” (AIP)

Recently, I was given the huge honor of being asked to write a guest post over at The Paleo Mom. This blog is the work of Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, author of The Paleo Approach and The Paleo Approach Cookbook and one of THE leading minds behind the Autoimmune Protocol diet. Here

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Molasses Spice Cookie (AIP, Paleo)

Molasses Spice Cookies (AIP)

Since around the time I became a teenager Christmas cookies have been my “job” around the holidays. My mom and dad loved to decorate the house, my sister is good at wrapping gifts and I am the baker. I am really the only one in the family that has the

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DIY Christmas Gift Roundup

Well, it is officially time to break out the gift wrap, ribbon, and tape the season of giving is upon us. We are having a small Christmas in terms of giving this year, since we are also in the process of moving to a new city and my hubby is

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DIY Gift Series: DIY Peppermint Lip Balm

  Its that time of year again, holiday time! It is a time of joy for sure, but for those of us trying to live in simplified and frugal life it can also be a time of stress. My husband and I began our simplified, DIY way of life in

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