Samantha’s AIP Reset: Week 2 Recap

Samantha's AIP Reset: Week 2

My Recap:

So, I am now two weeks into my AIP reset month. This week was definitely easier than the first. I’m back into my batch cooking flow and food required less thought this week than the week prior. I also found that I had less need for snacks this week, so that helped with my snack dilemma from the first week. I’m not sure whether I was eating more filling food or whether my blood sugar is regulating a little better, but I was definitely less hungry between meals. If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen my story about procrastinating on last week’s goal to eat more liver. I did make some paté but I didn’t exactly get around to it until Thursday. I’ve been trying to eat a little bit each day and I even mixed some into my breakfast hash one morning, although I probably won’t make that a habit. I would like to say that I did a little bit better on my water intake this week, but it was definitely a small increase. Definitely, still, an area that needs improvement.

The main thing that struck me this week was how doing this reset has kind of become an act of very intentional self-care that was missing in my life. There were a few times this week where I caught myself taking the extra time to prepare good nourishing food for myself and realizing that previously, definitely within the last year, those are the times where I would have been reaching for a less nourishing convenience food instead of spending that little bit of extra time on myself. It feels really good to be doing that at this point because after over three years of my body being a vessel for the nourishment of other humans it feels good to be intentionally nourishing my body.

My energy improved again this week and was fairly consistent, however I still think that there is room for improvement. I did not have headaches this week either like I did last week. I think I might have had one bout of some joint pain, but it certainly didn’t seem bad and my digestion remained good. I also lost about a pound which wasn’t and isn’t a goal, but not a bad added bonus.

My Menu: 

My breakfast this week was pretty similar to last week, sweet potatoes, apples, ground pork, spinach and sauerkraut similar to This Recipe.

Lunch was AIP Shepherd’s Pie made with lamb, ground beef, celery, carrots, onion, garlic, and mashed white sweet potatoes.

Snacks were plantain chips, bacon and beef liver paté, and fruit

Dinners varied and included hamburgers and sweet potato fries, AIP stromboli, tacos, and chicken and vegetables.

My Goals: 

This week, my goals still include drinking more water and eating more liver. I would also like to add epsom salt baths back into my regular routine so I think I’m going to strive to take 3 this week.


If you want to see more about my day-to-day process of going back to AIP basics and my postpartum recovery process follow me on Instagram.




If you are interested in doing your own AIP Reset but you’d like the support of a plan and some structure and some community, I highly recommend the 30 day AIP Reset Program set up by my friend Joanna Frankham.


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