Re-Growing Green Onions

Get the most out of your produce purchase by regrowing green onions in your kitchen. Photo By Samantha McClellan
Get the most out of your produce purchase by regrowing green onions in your kitchen. Photo By Samantha McClellan

This is a tip I’m sure many of you have seen or heard before. I know I had seen a few tutorials floating around on Pinterest here or there but I always just over looked them, thinking that it seemed silly to regrow something that wasn’t all that expensive in the first place. Well, now that I have transitioned into less wasteful, more frugal mindset I realize that money saved on anything is in fact money saved. My second hesitation about this project is that we have absolutely no sun or windows anywhere near our kitchen so I really didn’t think anything would be able to grow. I was wrong. A few weeks ago I realized that I had left a few green onions in the produce drawer a little too long and they were wilted and way beyond repair. Not wanting the onions to be entirely wasted however, I decided to give the regrow a try. I cut the onions off all the way to the bulbs, put them, roots down, in a small cup of water and set them on the counter. I changed the water every other day and within just a few days they had already started to re-grow! In less than two weeks all of the bulbs had re-grown entirely and I have already used the tops of the onions and cut them back again ( to a lesser extent). I am not sure how many times they will regrow, but regardless I am really surprised at how well this worked even given the lack of sun. It is definitely worth a try! As an added bonus, I feel like this would be a really great project to do with kids because you can see all of the parts of the onion plant in the cup and the growth happens so quickly they won’t lose interest.


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