Paleo Turkey Lunch Wraps

This is a quick and easy lunch wrap that is easy to pack and eat on the go. Photo by Samantha McClellan
This is a quick and easy lunch wrap that is easy to pack and eat on the go. Photo by Samantha McClellan

I‘ll be honest, I have trouble with paleo lunches. Breakfast… easy. Dinner….easy. Lunch…. help! We live in a culture where lunch is generally grain based in some fashion. Sandwiches, tortilla wraps, burgers and fries… or there are salads. I have never been a big salad fan and being paleo hasn’t changed that. I find traditional salads to be irritating to eat, unfulfilling, and probably one of the least satisfying foods to eat as a whole meal. So, what is a paleo girl to do for lunch? Obviously leftovers are an option, but honestly we don’t always have leftovers and if we do I do not always have microwave at my disposal around lunch time. I posted a while ago about a avocado based salad I take for lunch on occasion, but as delicious as that is it can be slightly time consuming to create at 6:30 am when I am trying to get ready to go to work. This turkey wrap recipe has become my go-to quick lunch recipe. The wraps are easy to assemble, but even if you… I don’t know, overslept really late, or lost track of time… you can

just throw the packages of lunch meat, cheese, and sauce into a bag and run madly out the door. Obviously it goes without saying, that you should choose the best quality lunch meat you can afford. Nitrate free, natural, and preferably free of any other hormones or additives.


3-6 pieces of lunch meat

3 slices of cheese

sliced bell pepper



Stack 1-2 pieces of lunch meat with 1 piece of cheese and fill with a couple of small strips of bell pepper. Roll and place in a container or pin with a tooth pick. When you’re ready to eat dip the rolls in mustard and enjoy.



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