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An easy, local, paleo meal. Sound too good to be true? Not with some chicken, some salsa, and a slow cooker! Photo By Samantha McClellan

As much as I love to cook, some days you just need something easy, but does easy have to mean throwing away our local food convictions and running to the nearest fast food restaurant? I think not!

This recipe is one that I started making in college. At that time, I had gone gluten free, but not paleo so the original recipe contained black beans and corn. A few months ago I adapted it to be paleo and it actually ended up being one of my husband’s favorite dinners. Easy and a husband pleaser?! Surely I’m dreaming!

This is a slow cooker recipe, and anyone who has known me long enough to have one conversation on the topic of convenience cooking knows that I have a deep love affair with my crock-pot. Especially when I used to teach daycare full time. I would throw everything in before I left for work, put it on low, and when I arrived home eight hours later covered in drool and other unmentionable substances and ready to collapse, the smell of a delicious dinner would greet me and prop me back up. If you don’t have a slow cooker go to your nearest thrift store and get one, there are usually at least two of these undervalued cooking wizards in need of a loving home.

Crock-pot addiction aside, this recipe only uses four ingredients: chicken thighs, salsa, salad greens, and cheese. We enjoyed this particular batch with Yah’s Best Pico De Gallo from our Farmer’s Market. It was by far the freshest tasting Pico I have ever had in my life. Here is the recipe:


2-4 chicken thighs

1 pint of salsa or pico de gallo

salad greens

shredded cheese (if you eat dairy)



Place the chicken thighs in the slow cooker and cover with salsa. Feel free to add more salsa if the chicken is not covered. Cover, and cook on low for 6-8 hours or on High for 3-5. When finished either shred the chicken into the salsa or place whole on top of a bed of fresh salad greens. Garnish with grated cheese if you eat dairy. Enjoy.

This is a very simple, inexpensive meal and great for busy days. So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of knives and pans, don’t sacrifice your health or convictions and head to Wendy’s, just grab these staples throw them in the pot and move on with your busy day!


Jesse St. Jean

Jesse St. Jean

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