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The holidays are coming up and you are still in the elimination phase of the autoimmune protocol diet. What do you do? Become a recluse and wait for the new year before resuming social activity? Go to all of your usual parties and eat nothing? Fall off he wagon and start again on January 1st? Nope. How about trying a different strategy. First, you don’t panic. Second, you take control of your social life by hosting an AIP dinner club!

A dinner club is a perfect way to enjoy spending time with your friends and family while having home cooked foods that are AIP friendly without all of the burden being placed on any one person. It is a great solution to the AIP induced social anxiety that can arise for many of us, especially around this time of year.

Tablet PC- iPad 2 white screenA dinner club is similar to a potluck in that everyone brings a dish, but it is slightly more structured in that everyone is assigned a specific dish that completes a full meal. This way each part of the meal is covered, the meal is cohesive, you still have control over what ingredients were used, but no one person has the task of compiling a fully AIP dinner party.

Still sounds daunting huh? Well, surprise all of that planning has been done for you! Recently, I had the opportunity to team up with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne and 14 other amazing AIP and paleo bloggers to compile The Paleo Approach Dinner Club, an E-Book filled with instructions and recipes for you autoimmune protocol friendly dinner club.


About The Book


The Paleo Approach Dinner Club is 177 pages (yes, you read that right) and filled with 14 meal plans that include an appetizer and/or salad, main course, two sides, a dessert and/or a drink. This means a total of 82 AIP friendly recipes that are all 100% original! I repeat, you will not be able to find these recipes anywhere else.

Meal-Plan-SpreadThe E-Book also includes an introduction to the autoimmune protocol diet, instructions for how to set up your dinner club, print outs to give your participants, ideas for party games and even a kid’s table chapter! Everything you need to host your party is in this book outside of the tables, chairs, and friends.

The meals in this book range in themes from southern style comfort food to Asian food with a flare, there is truly something for everyone and every occasion.




To help encourage you all to start a dinner club of your own this holiday season I am hosting a giveaway! To enter please comment below by telling me the names of three friends you would like to start a dinner club with. If you are selected you and your three friends will all receive a copy of The Paleo Approach Dinner Club E-book for free! The giveaway will finish at 11:59 PM EST on Saturday 11/15/14. The winner will be emailed and the email addresses of the three friends listed will be requested.


Don’t let your healing stand in the way of your social life enjoy support and community one meal at a time by getting your copy of this brand new e-book today! Click Here to Get Your Copy


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