The Paleo Approach Cookbook Review

The Paleo Approach Cookbook

Today I am here to give you a little sneak peak into a book I am very excited about: The Paleo Approach Cookbook. Many of you have probably heard me sing the praises of Sarah Ballantyne’s first book The Paleo Approach, but some of you may not know what I am talking about, so here is a little recap.

The Paleo Approach, by Sarah Ballantyne, is the book in which the autoimmune protocol and the science behind it is fully laid out and explained. The book is an enormous resource for those trying to understand autoimmune disease and treat it through diet and lifestyle changes. It is very evidenced based and the science is dense but it explains just about every aspect of autoimmune disease and the role of diet and lifestyle in triggering and subsequently healing autoimmune issues at large. The book has revolutionized the way many are looking at autoimmune disease and has recently become a New York Times best selling book, taking this awesome information into the main stream. I personally found the autoimmune protocol diet before the original book was published and was shocked at the amount of new information in the book, it was eye opening, educational and the autoimmune protocol diet was a life changer for me.

This second book is called The Paleo Approach Cookbook. It is the companion piece to Sarah’s first book and is amazing in its own right. The first part of the book is an overview of the autoimmune protocol basics, what to eat and what not to eat. It is then followed by tons of information to help you in and out of the kitchen, such as where to buy AIP compliant foods, how to follow AIP on a budget, how to stock your pantry, and then pages and pages of sample meal plans and store lists to get you started. If you are new to the Autoimmune Protocol the first section of this book takes out all of the work and basically just lays it out for you to follow. The second part of the book is the recipes… over 200 recipes. I was shocked at the amount of recipes in this book. I spend almost every day thinking about making or trying to make new AIP friendly recipes and there are dishes in here I couldn’t have dreamed of. Of course she covers all of your basic categories Breakfast, Salads, soups, poultry, meat, seafood… etc but her recipes are so creative it is truly not like any cookbook you have every seen.

What makes this book so special is partially its shear volume. With over 200 recipes I have no doubt that you could cook entirely from this cookbook throughout all or most of the elimination phase of this diet and barely repeat recipes. It offers variety in a diet that, on the surface, can appear very limiting. It is also perfect for those people who want to follow the protocol but aren’t as interested in learning all of the science behind it. This book gives the perfect amount of information and application, allowing you to follow the diet and be successful even if you aren’t ready to dive into the whys’ behind every element. Finally, having a one-stop resource like this book takes out a lot of the emotional uncertainty behind following this diet. You no longer have to wonder if there will be anything left for you to eat because there are over 200 recipes staring you in the face, there is even a section of treats for events like birthdays and holidays.

Hopefully you all know, that I only recommend products on this blog that I have used, that I love, and that I think are helpful. This book meets and surpasses those criteria. It is an endless resource. If you plan to follow the autoimmune protocol it will be your saving grace throughout your elimination phase and beyond. If you have loved ones with food allergies this gives you over 200 recipes that are grain, gluten, soy, egg, sugar, nut, seed, alcohol, and nightshade free. Its hard to go wrong with that. If you want to give this diet a try but you are overwhelmed at the thought of it, this book is for you. I promise you will feel much less overwhelmed after reading it. Finally, it is filled with recipes you will not get anywhere else. I know most of us today may be hesitant to buy cookbooks when there are recipes all over the Internet for free. But if you follow the autoimmune protocol diet you know that when compared to other ways of eating, your recipe pool is limited. I can guarantee you that these recipes are ones you have not and will not see anywhere else. So it is worth your time and any money to invest in this book and invest in yourself.

The book is currently on presale at Amazon, but will be released on Tuesday, Aug, 26th. If you purchase it now you will get the discounted presale price which is about $10 cheaper than the list price, so head over and check it out now!


*Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. I was sent a free copy of the book to review because I am an advocate for the autoimmune protocol diet and wanted a chance to take a look at it and review it for all of you. This post does contain affiliate links, which means that while I was not paid to write this post if you purchase the book through the links on this site it helps to support this blog and allows me to continue providing you information about simplicity, sustainability, and social change. Thank you for your support!




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