Learn How to Cook Like Your Grandmother and Save Time in the Kitchen: AIP Batch Cook

How to Cook ike Your Grandmother and Save Time in the Kitchen With AIP Batch Cook

“I know I need to follow the autoimmune protocol for the sake of my health, but with an elementary schooler, a toddler and a baby I really need to just have easy and convenient food ideas. What should I do?”

“I know that AIP has helped you, but it takes so long to cook all of that food, how do you do it?”

“I work full time, I barely have time to eat, I just won’t be able to eat that way if it requires a lot of cooking.”

This sentiment is probably the concern I hear the most from people who are considering following the autoimmune protocol. We live in a world that prioritizes convenience and speed above almost everything else. A quick scan of the grocery store shelves will prove that point,

1 minute rice, instant mashed potato, premade microwaveable dinners, and for those who don’t even have the time to heat anything up you can walk into the store, load up a take out container at the hot bar and walk out with dinner, that is if you didn’t already go through the fast food drive through.

Our relationship with food and cooking has been reduced to the minimum requirement necessary for survival and satiation. So, when you are presented with the challenge of having to cook most, if not, all of what you eat from scratch it is understandably overwhelming.

How to Cook like Your Grandmother and Save Time in the Kitchen with AIP Batch Cook

It is at this point, that I typically stop and remind myself of the fact that my grandmother didn’t live in a world of fast food chains or microwaves.

Just two generations ago, people were cooking their food, every day, on stoves and in ovens. It was a skill and it was a routine.

My grandmother still had time to raise children, have a marriage, socialize, have friends, she even worked and volunteered, all while still cooking food. In part, the difference between then and now is our attitude and our expectations. When everyone cooked everything there was no other option or expectation, today we have to make a conscience choice to use our time differently and that can be a challenge. The other difference, is that cooking a lot in a short amount of time is a skill. It was a skill that our grandmothers had, but it has been lost.

Today, we call the practice of cooking large batches of food quickly and at one time, batch cooking. Batch cooking is what will allow you to follow the autoimmune protocol without giving up your sanity. Because we are used to food being available quickly we have stopped planning ahead when it comes to meals, but planning and preparing food ahead is really the only way to have nourishing food available to you when you are hungry without spending most of each day in the kitchen. I have written two posts on batch cooking in the past one about my batch cooking routine and one about why you should be batch cooking, but now I have something even better for you. My friend Mickey Trescott over at Autoimmune Paleo just launched a new program called AIP Batch Cook!

AIP Batch Cookaipbatchcooksidebar is a program that walks people through the planning and cooking of all of their meals for one week on the Autoimmune Protocol. Each session includes:

  •       A program guide walking users through what batch cooking is and how to use the materials properly
  •       A one-week meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the Autoimmune Protocol
  •       Two instructional videos walking users through the preparation of all of the food on the meal plan
  •       Shopping listschop lists, and tool lists that help them get organized for each batch-cooking session
  •       Video tutorials for making staples like bone broth, rendering their own solid cooking fat, and making their own kombucha
  •       Digital versions of every recipe and tutorial we cook together in the instructional videos


Right now Mickey is launching Session 1: The Basics with plans to launch five more sessions this summer. If you sign up and purchase the first session you will have the option to upgrade to the additional sessions as they come out.

This resource is truly a high quality program. The videos are professional, both in their quality and their presentation, and Mickey really gives you everything you need to master the art of batch cooking and regain your health as well as your life outside of the kitchen. This really is a must-have resource for anyone who is new to AIP or who isn’t batch cooking yet.

Because I think this program is so important for you all to try out I have a couple of promotions to help encourage you to check it out.

For the next two weeks, April 15, 2015-April 30, 2015 You will be able to purchase the program for $47 rather than the regular price of $67… $20 off is a pretty significant discount so, if you are budget conscious like me, jump on that.

On top of that discount I am also offering to email an additional FREE week-long meal plan to the first 20 people (EDIT* I currently have 5 meal plans left) who purchase the program off of this site. This offer is going to go quickly so click HERE to purchase the program and I will send you your meal plan via email within the next 24-48 hours.

Success on the autoimmune protocol really stems from two things committing to the lifestyle until it is routine and utilizing your resources. This resource really is one that is worth the money because it is truly an investment in your success.



Jesse St. Jean

Jesse St. Jean

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  • Hi! I tried to sign up for the batch cooking program but it said only test credit cards are currently accepted. Do you know when the site will be up?

    • I just talked with Mickey Trescott and it seems that the site was down briefly, but it should be working now. Try again, and if it is still giving you trouble, let me know. I am sorry it was down for you.

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