My Journey with Chronic Lyme Disease

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Back in the summer of 2018, I felt called to share my healing story, which is why I began blogging together with my sister (Sam). I distinctly remember the moment I decided. I was driving home from a difficult doctor’s appointment, sniffling and drying my tears. I was filled with frustration from a lack of answers, anger at my reality, and sadness from lost hope. I was lost in my thoughts as I navigated traffic and suddenly I had a very clear and distinct thought, “It’s time to share your story. Someone else needs to hear it.” Now, I guarantee that this thought did not come from me because I am a private person and am often reluctant to share details about my life with others. I have no idea who needs to hear my story, but I promised to tell it. So that is why I’m giving you all this update. 

Over the past few years my Ulcerative Colitis has been getting progressively worse, despite strong medications, healthy eating, and taking care of myself. After a lot of detective work by my functional medicine doctor, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease. I will be starting a treatment protocol in the next few weeks and will be giving you all updates on how I’m feeling, more details about treatment, and my healing journey in general. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this diagnosis that I am still trying to work through, but I have hope that this may be the answer I’ve been searching for. I am looking forward to this dedicated period of healing and taking care of my self and am hopeful for good results!

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Jesse St. Jean

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