Over the past week I (Jesse) have been sharing a 3-part series on health coaching. This is part II of that series. 

We’re all feeling it right now: the uncertainty. Schools are closing for the year, states across the country are sheltering in place, grocery stores are struggling to keep their shelves stocked, people around the world have either suddenly lost their income or are experiencing financial hardship… I don’t know a single person whose life hasn’t been turned upside down and flipped inside out in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been suddenly thrust into this realm of uncertainty while the news changes every day and we just have to take our lives one day at a time. So how can health coaching help us in the midst of all this? 

Regain a Sense of Normalcy & Routine

It’s normal to crave routine when your life is in complete upheaval. Maybe you’re struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy when your daily schedule has completely changed? Or maybe you’re trying to juggle keeping your kids occupied while sharing a home office with your spouse? Sound familiar? As a health coach, I help clients navigate a new normal and create a plan that supports their wellness goals even if everything else in their life is uncertain. I work together with clients to create a personalized nutrition-centered plan that is tailored to fit into their life so they can still be working toward their goals. A great example might look like helping a client find ways to include their family in the kitchen: pretend you’re on a cooking show. Set up a camera, make fun signs, and host a show with your kids as you batch cook and prepare meals for the freezer.

Help You Stay on Track While You Navigate a New Normal

I think it’s fair to say that many people are feeling overwhelmed right now. We all have a lot to hold and juggle during so much uncertainty, and it can be easy to let your own wellness and goals fall by the wayside. A health coach can help you hold space for your wellness and still make it a priority while you juggle the rest of your life. It can feel overwhelming to try and tackle your health goals alone under normal circumstances, let alone at a time like this. As a health coach, I support my clients every step of their wellness journey so they always feel supported. I help clients stay on track with their goals, tweaking their plans to meet their needs as they navigate a new normal. 

Learn How to Best Take Care of Yourself While at Home or at Work

Many of us have found ourselves spending more time at home while practicing social distancing or some of us are trying to meet a growing demand of urgent needs, like health care workers and those in the service industry. So how do you take care of yourself while in such limiting or demanding environments? A health coach can help you find creative and attainable ways to still be caring for yourself, your family, and meeting your goals while under less-than-normal circumstances. Sometimes we all need a little help thinking outside the box or learning new ways of using old resources and, as a health coach, I do this for my clients to make their plans more attainable and easily accessible. 

Learn New Skills to Support Your Wellness

If you find yourself in the group of people suddenly at home and looking for things to do, now can be a great time to learn new skills and tools to nourish your body and mind while taking control of your health. If you’ve been putting off your wellness goals or you’re not sure where to start, working with a health coach can help you finally see the progress you want. Consider re-framing your time at home as an opportunity to invest in yourself and your health. 

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Jesse St. Jean

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