Guest Post by Sophie Van Tiggelen: 10 AIP Convenience Foods and Snacks

Today we are joined by Sophie Van Tiggelen of the blog A Squirrel in the Kitchen. A few months ago I wrote a post on my favorite AIP Convenience Snacks, it was such a big hit that Sophie agreed to offer you all another perspective on the topic! She is here today to share her favorite snacks with you all while I focus on my move and spending the holidays with my family. Please stop on over at her blog today and show her some love! 

AIP Convenience Snacks

The autoimmune protocol has been a powerful tool in my healing journey.  I have been following this more stringent version of the paleo diet to reverse my autoimmune disorder and heal my body.  As long as I am eating at home, I find it easy to prepare nutritious meals and stick to the diet.  My kitchen is packed with a wide selection of anti-inflammatory dry goods and fresh food like meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits.  I cook everything from scratch and I know every single ingredients going into my meals and snacks.  When I have to spend a longer time away from home, that’s when things get complicated.  Before I discovered these convenient AIP approved snacks, a day spent at the mall or hiking in the mountains would mean that I would go so hungry during the day that I would invariably become weak and dizzy!


So I went hunting in my favorite health food stores to find prepackaged snacks that I could carry around in my bag in case I needed a little something to eat on the go.  Here is what I found.  All these snacks are gluten free, organic, non GMO and do not contain any grains, nuts, dairy, refined sugars, preservatives, or anything artificial.  They are all AIP approved!


  1. Bare Fruit Apple Chips: these apple chips are wonderful if you crave a little something crunchy.  Three flavors are AIP approved: granny smith, fuji red and cinnamon.
  2. Seasnax: these are nutrient-packed roasted seaweed strips, made with sustainably-grown organic seaweed.  Classic olive and toasty onion flavors are both AIP approved.
  3. Veggie-Go’s: these are similar to a fruit strip or fruit leather, but made from whole fruits and veggies.  Look for these 2 AIP approved flavors: mountain berry spinach and carrot ginger.
  4. That’s It Fruit Bars: these bars contain only 2 ingredients (2 kinds of fruits), that’s it!  You can’t go simpler than this.  All their flavors are AIP approved, so you can’t go wrong here.
  5. Bison Epic Bars: these bars are a unique, modern-day take on a Plains Indian staple food known as pemmican.  They are nutrient-dense, flavorful, made with 100% grass fed and organic buffalo, uncured bacon, and cranberries. (Editorial Note: This option was mentioned in my earlier post, but it is so good it’s worth mentioning twice)
  6. Ziggy Marley’s Coco’mon: these little coconut oil pouches are made from fresh organic coconut kernels and are cold-pressed, unrefined, and non-deodorized.
  7. Canned Sardines in Olive Oil:  definitely not your conventional snack but they are a good source of Omega 3’s and protein on the go.  You might need a fork for this one though!
  8. Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna: this tuna is 100% pole and troll caught.  Packed with beneficial Omega 3’s and protein as well, and you can enjoy this tuna pretty much anywhere.
  9. Valley Fresh Organic Chicken Breast: the ingredients of this canned white chicken are just white chicken, water and sea salt.  A simple, clean, and satisfying snack to enjoy on the go!
  10. Field Day Natural California Ripe Sliced Olives: these sliced olives are a great snack to nibble on.  Delicious alone or with some tuna or chicken breast.


Although it is always better to eat a nutrient-dense homemade meal whenever you can, these AIP approved snacks might just save your life one day!  I won’t leave the house now without carrying several of these snacks in my bag, just in case I need a little bite to keep me going.  Remember also that your consumption of fructose on the autoimmune protocol shouldn’t exceed 20g per day.


Author Bio: 

Profile_pictureSophie is an autoimmune warrior, self-trained paleo chef and food coach. She lives in Colorado with her husband and three teenage girls.  Diagnosed in 2009 with Hashimoto’s disease, she struggled several years with a rapidly deteriorating health, including severe anxiety and joint pain.  She sought healing beyond medication and the autoimmune protocol diet allowed her to regain health and vitality.  Her passions include cooking, food styling and food photography, bicycling, traveling and having a good cup of tea in a cozy little coffee shop with her family.

You can follow her on her blog “A Squirrel in the Kitchen” where she posts recipes compliant with the autoimmune protocol and healthy lifestyle advices to support your inner potential for healing.







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Jesse St. Jean

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  • Where is the best (cheapest) place to find the veggie go fruit leathers?

    • Obviously, I can’t vouch for the prices in your area. But around me I have seen it at Walmart and other grocery stores at a reasonable price. Otherwise, if you wanted to buy it in bulk it would probably be cheapest to order it online from somewhere like Amazon.

  • Just a warning that the bacon in the Epic Bison bar has brown sugar in it. This is not paleo and certainly not AIP paleo, unfortunately. The AIP is so strict, it’s very difficult to adhere to.

    • the sugar in the bacon is used as part of the curing process. Curing is a type of fermentation, this results in very little sugar left over in the end product. Therefore, it is both paleo and AIP.

  • Not aip approved. No spices hello!? Celery powder and sugar and black pepper

    • celery powder is AIP, the sugar is ok because it is used to cure the bacon. Black pepper is no longer AIP approved for introductory AIP, you are correct about that.

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