Cookie Dough Ice Cream (AIP/Paleo)

Cookie Dough Ice Cream (AIP/Paleo)

I spent three of my teenage years hard at work in an ice cream shop. Not just in the summer either, all year long. I scooped the ice cream, handled the birthday cakes, and loaded up the new inventory. It wasn’t long before I was nicknamed the ice cream girl by my small town and it wasn’t uncommon for me to be out and about and run into someone who would promptly squeal, “Hey look, it’s the ice cream girl!”

The ironic thing is that I actually do not have much of a sweet tooth. I suppose that is why I have been able to work in a chocolate store, an ice cream store and continue to bring you all yummy treat recipes without severely jeopardizing my own health. There are two exceptions to that generalization though, cinnamon rolls and cookie dough ice cream. I haven’t had a real cinnamon roll in years and I still find myself desperately craving them from time to time and I am really never tempted by ice cream… unless it contains cookie dough.

With warm weather quickly getting warmer here in the south I decided it was time to break out my ice cream maker and start experimenting with some yummy new AIP friendly flavors. This one hit the spot! The creamy coconut milk ice cream paired with frozen chunks of cookie dough was the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather as we sat on our back porch following a delicious dinner of grass fed steak and veggies.

Also, if you find yourself in need of some more delicious AIP friendly frozen treat ideas I highly recommend this e-book. It came out last summer and I have been enjoying it ever since.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Cookie Dough Ice Cream (AIP/Paleo)


Cookie Dough Ice Cream (AIP/Paleo)

Cookie Dough Ice Cream InstagramCookie Dough Ingredients:

  • 2 cans of full fat coconut milk
  • 4 TBS maple syrup
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract (optional, Omit on Introductory AIP)


In a medium mixing bowl combine your coconut flour, coconut or palm shortening, maple syrup and salt. Then, sprinkle your gelatin on top and immediately follow with your water, mixing thoroughly. Add in your carob chips. Take the dough and place in the freezer for about 20 minutes or until it has firmed up slightly. Then, break it into small chunks or balls and place them back in the freezer to stay firm. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, combine your coconut milk, maple syrup and optional vanilla. If you are using an ice cream maker, pour the mixture into your ice cream maker and then add in the cookie dough chunks according to your machine’s instructions. If you do not have an ice cream maker, combine your cookie dough chunks with your ice cream mixture and place in the freezer, stirring every 30 minutes to break up any chunks until it reaches your desired consistency.


Jesse St. Jean

Jesse St. Jean

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  • This looks great! Thanks for including the instructions for those of us without an ice cream machine.

    Question: it says in the ingredients palm shortening but the recipe says palm oil. Arent those different ingredients? I’m assuming it means to say palm oil? Thanks so much!!

    • Or do you mean to soften the palm shortening into (essentially) oil? If so, how do you do that? I know the coconut oil just gets melted, same for palm shortening? Thanks!!

    • it should be organic palm shortening, sorry for the misprint I will fix it. You just need to soften the palm shortening, it doesn’t need to be entirely melted. I included the link to the shortening on Amazon, hopefully that also helps with any confusion.

  • Can I substitute carob chips with Enjoy Life Choc chips? I have been able to tolerate chocolate in moderation.

    • yes, definitely. I use enjoy life as well now that I have reintroduced chocolate, but for those who are strictly in the elimination phase chocolate is off limits.

  • Great recipe! Crazy, I came up with the exact same AIP chocolate chip cookie dough recipe on my website, but I have only baked it into cookies. I haven’t turned it into cookie dough ice cream yet! Looks like it makes a killer ice cream. xx


    • Hi Andrea,
      Great minds must think alike! I have never tried them baked, so now I will have to try your recipe 🙂 I just went over to your site and it looks like you have some wonderfully delicious recipes over there!

  • Samantha I can not WAIT to try this! I have been looking for something like this for my daughter. With warmer weather nearing I am looking forward to trying it. All of your recipes, by the way, are spot on and delicious. Well done! Francesca

  • I didn’t see how to make the homemade carob chips…where is the recipe for that and thanks.

    • you need to click on the link that says “See the instructions at the bottom of this post) It is a post on another site.

    • yes, eggs are not part of the autoimmune protocol, but if you can eat eggs you can take out the gelatin and add an egg.

  • Hi! By using coconut milk, do you taste the flavor of that milk in the ice cream? If so, I’m not a nut flavor person. Is there ANY other flavor milk that can be used and you not taste the nut each time you have the ice cream? Please help, I cannot have dairy much at all anymore but I want my ice cream, however all of these new milks on the market are not very good either, and I cannot have Soy milk either, because of breast cancer. Is there hope for me? Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Samantha! I have tried to make coconut milk ice cream a few times, including the above recipe, and i always have trouble with the coconut milk (I’ve always used the brand you have linked) becoming hard chunks (I’m guessing its the coconut water freezing throughout the process). I cannot seem to get a nice ice cream texture no matter what I do, there are always hard oily chunks. Do you have any thoughts on that? Should I be using just the coconut cream that comes to the top when refrigerated? Or using the whole can at room temperature.
    Thank you for your advice!

    • Are you using an ice cream maker or doing it by hand? When doing it by hand you really do have to stir it often and consistently throughout the freezing process, and honestly it will not get super creamy the way it will in the ice cream maker.

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