Apple Sage Pork Chops (AIP)

Apple Sage Pork Chops (AIP, Paleo)

If you have spent much time looking through my site or through either of my recipe indexes, you may have noticed that unlike some other sites I do not have a ton of recipe for main dishes. I have a lot of recipes for sides, snacks, desserts, even breakfasts, but not as many for main dinner items. Honestly, it is because I often find myself stuck in a rut when it comes to the meat element of the meal. Generally, each week my husband and I have some rotation of burgers, stir fry, fish, chicken, steak, and maybe some pork. The sides change but often the way I cook the meat does not. Baking has always been my first love so desserts get my creative juices flowing, however my experience cooking meat is much more limited and it has taken me a while to feel comfortable enough in my cooking skills to begin to get creative.

I have discovered that my two favorite ways to cook meat are in the slow cooker or pan-fried with a spice rub rather than a marinade (I also love grilled meat, but we don’t currently have a grill). I love the way a spice rub creates a super flavorful coating on the meat that seals in the flavor of the meat itself when it is fried. Spice rubs also allow you to flavor your meat faster than a marinade, which really needs time to flavor the meat. Finally, they are also inexpensive and easy to make.

This pork chop recipe is one that I made recently on a whim and it turned out deliciously. The flavors were so pronounced, the meat was tender, and the apple and onion topping was just the right accompaniment.

This meal is perfect for a weeknight, it is easy, cooks up fast and all in one pan (just remember to thaw your pork chops in the morning).

What is your favorite way to prepare meat dishes? Do you have a category of cooking that you prefer over others?


Apple Sage Pork Chops (AIP, Paleo)Apple Sage Pork Chops:

(serves 2)


2 Large Pork Chops

½ tsp of sea salt

½ tsp ground sage

½ tsp of dried thyme

1 apple (sliced thinly)

½ large onion (sliced into thin strips)

2 TBS Solid cooking fat


In a small bowl, combine your spices. Rub your pork chops on all sides with your spices. In a large frying pan heat your cooking fat over medium/high heat. Place your pork chops in the pan and sear both sides. Add in your apples and onions, reduce the heat to medium and cook covered for about four minutes on both sides, stirring the apples and onions occasionally. When the pork is cooked al the way through and the apples and onions are soft, it is finished. Enjoy!





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