Almond Brittle (Paleo/AIP+Almonds)

Almond Brittle (Paleo/AIP+Almonds)

Candy is something that I don’t think a lot about now that I have been following The Autoimmune Protocol for almost 5 years. I have reintroduced chocolate so I enjoy that on occasion, and I do love to make some yummy AIP baked goods, especially this time of year. Candy though, just isn’t something I crave. However, as I was scrolling through Pinterest recently looking at Christmas treats and one thing that kept popping up was peanut brittle. Well, even I am not immune to the power of repetitive suggestion so I decided to try an AIP reintro recipe with almonds. Almonds have been my most successful nut reintroduction and I am able to eat them fairly often without any issues.

I tried this recipe a few times with some catastrophic results before cracking the code. My first attempt was on the stove and relied heavily on ghee, but the ghee and the coconut sugar wouldn’t combine and just turned into a separated congealed mess. My second attempt was with the microwave but I way overheated it and ended up with a sticky burnt mess that stunk up the whole house. The third time is the charm though and, while we had to work fast, it came out deliciously!

This is a definite treat and I was only able to have one or two pieces before the sugar became too much for me, but if you are a lover of peanut brittle or candy making and you have reintroduced almonds this may be a fun recipe to try this holiday season!

Almond Brittle (Paleo/AIP+Almonds)

Almond Brittle (Paleo/AIP+Almonds)


¼ cup of honey

½ cup of coconut sugar

½ cup sliced almonds

½ tsp salt

½ tsp ghee or coconut oil

½ tsp vanilla

½ tsp baking soda


Line an 8×8 pan with tin foil and grease, leave about 2” of extra foil on two sides to help remove it from the pan, set aside. Prepare all of your ingredients ahead of time so that they are ready, you have to move FAST when making this recipe.  In a large microwave safe bowl combine honey and coconut sugar. Microwave on high for 1 minute (It should be melted but not burnt). Remove and stir in your almonds and salt. Microwave on high for 45 seconds (It will get slightly more runny). Add in your ghee and vanilla and stir, microwave again for 10 seconds. Add in your baking soda and stir quickly and spread into your pan. Allow it to cool for about 30 minutes before breaking into pieces. Enjoy. 


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