My AIP Menu for the Week of 11/9/14

AIP Weekday Meal Plan

This week is an eventful week in the life of the McClellan family. Today, my husband finished his time at his current job and on Monday we begin the process of moving our things to our new house and he begins his new job. However, the process will take about a month because the hubby is also in the home stretch of finishing out graduate school and we can’t officially move until his classes are completed.

I am also recovering from a small stress induced flare that hit me last Monday so I am attempting to limit my work load to allow more time for healing and stress management. That being said, I have continued to focus on simple meals and slow cooker meals. I am making a second attempt at baking the root vegetable biscuits from The Paleo Approach Cookbook this week because in my flaring state I didn’t feel well enough to make them last week.

I also get to have some cooking fun early in the week because I am celebrating one of my best friend’s birthday on Monday! We have been friends since we were 16 years old and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to have her close by and celebrate special times together!

What is on your menu this week? Do you have any fun celebratory events on the horizon?


The McClellan Family Menu for the Week of 11/9/14:


Breakfast: Breakfast stir fry with sweet potatoes, spinach, turkey and cranberries (Similar to this recipe)

My Lunch: Slow cooker chicken with squash and figs

Hubby’s Lunch: Slow Cooker Maple Dijon Chicken and Sweet Potatoes (Paleo, Not AIP)


My Snack: Plantain chips and Bone Broth

Hubby’s Snack: Apples and Nut Butter (Not AIP)


Monday: Bacon Wrapped Fillets with Herbed Sweet Potato Stacks and Raspberry Cheesecake

Tuesday: Brussels Sprouts Stir Fry with Lemon Chicken and Bacon

Wednesday: Leftovers night

Thursday: Burgers with grilled onions, avocado, bacon and plantain fries

Friday: AIP Carrot and Sweet Potato Chili and Root Vegetable Biscuits



Jesse St. Jean

Jesse St. Jean

I am many things: a wife, a daughter, a sister, a nutritional therapist, a dog-mom… and I’m an autoimmune warrior.


  • Hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks for the menu plans. They are very helpful.

    • I am so glad you are enjoying them! I am already feeling much better, it is truly amazing the difference there is in dealing with flares pre-AIP and with AIP. After just a few days of getting back on track, resting and managing my stress I was already feeling much better!

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