My AIP Menu for the Week of 11/16/14

AIP Weekly Menu

Time in continuing to fly by at my house. Last week was filled with lots of opportunities to celebrate new beginnings and after all of that excitement we are back to the reality of packing, unpacking, the hubby finishing grad school classes, writing papers and presenting projects and getting ready for the holidays.

My little flare was quickly remedied by a week of strict AIP adherence, rest, bone broth, ginger tea, mega doses of probiotics, gelatin and L-glutamine plus a few trips to my acupuncturist and I have been symptom free for well over a week now. This is especially fitting seeing as how this week officially marks my one year anniversary of starting AIP!

Its hard to believe it has been year because on the one hand it seems impossible that I haven’t eaten so many foods in that long. On the other hand though it is amazing that I have achieved so much healing and success in a year. My flares are almost nonexistent and as I mentioned above, the little one or two that I have had over the past year have been short and caused minimal damage. My immune system has strengthened so much. I can now fight off colds before they get the better of me, I haven’t had a reason to take an antibiotic in almost two years, and lingering immune system issues that I used to have such as plantar warts on the bottoms of my feet that had been there since I was in high school have resolved on their own. Finally, my digestion is amazing compared to my pre-AIP life of constantly fluctuating but always severe constipation and diarrhea.

I plan to talk about all of these things in a later post, but it is hard not to be thankful for each of these achievements as I think back to where I was a year ago.

Musings and ramblings aside, my menu for the week is below. I am super excited to try this AIP Chicken pot pie recipe tonight. Pot pie is one of my favorite dishes and it is so appropriate for tonight since my hubby is battling a nasty cold and our weather is blustery and wet with a freeze warning in the forecast. There is just something about nice warm comfort food that makes bitter blustery days just melt away.

What are you favorite cold weather/rainy day comfort foods?


The McClellan Family AIP Menu for the Week of 11/16/14:

Breakfast: Hash with sweet potatoes, turkey, spinach and cranberries (Similar to this Recipe)

Samantha’s Lunch: AIP Sweet Potato and Carrot Chili ( I made it for dinner last week and love fit so much I decided to make it again)

Hubby’s Lunch: Slow Cooker Chicken with Pasta Sauce over Gluten Free Pasta (Not AIP)

Samantha’s Snacks: Plantain Chips and Guacamole

Hubby’s Snacks: Apples



Monday: AIP Chicken Pot Pie

Tuesday: Rosemary and Shallot Roasted Butternut Squash and Chicken

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Burgers with Bacon, Onions and plantain fries

Friday: Cranberry Pulled Pork over Mashed Sweet Potatoes


Jesse St. Jean

Jesse St. Jean

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