2015 Year End Review

Sweet Potatoes and Social Change 2015 Year End Review

I really can’t believe that 2015 is already coming to a close! On the one hand it feels like just yesterday I was sitting in a new house in a new city beginning the year. On the other hand, so many wonderful things have happened this year that its hard to believe it all fit into 12 short months. This year here at Sweet Potatoes and Social Change we published 52 new AIP/Paleo recipes, and discussed many topics ranging from stress, to parasites, to fertility. We heard inspirational stories from other members of our community and we shared our struggles and our triumphs. So, as we say goodbye to 2015 I thought it was only fitting to look back over everything we ate and talked about this past year!

2015 Year End Review:

2015 Superlatives: 

Most Popular Recipe of 2015: Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Creamy Maple Frosting (AIP/Paleo)

Most Popular Discussion Post of 2015: Loving Someone with a Chronic Illness- One Husband’s Perspective

My Favorite Recipe of 2015: Raspberry Carob Truffles (AIP/Paleo)

My Favorite Discussion Post of 2015: Why I am Proud to Be an Autoimmune Warrior

Over 52 New Recipes: 

30 New Discussion Posts: 

3 Tips for Creating a Supportive Community (While On the Autoimmune Protocol)

Healing Ulcerative Colitis with the Autoimmune Protocol: My Story (An Update)

6 Ways to Get Started Healing Your Gut

There is Only 100%: The Importance of True Commitment When Following the Autoimmune Protocol

AIP and Conventional Medicine: Finding a Balance that Works for You!

20 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Food

Finding the Missing Link: Troubleshooting on the Autoimmune Protocol

How The Autoimmune Protocol Changed the Way I Look at My Body

Why Batch Cooking is the Answer to A lot of Your AIP Problems

Hormonal Birth Control and Autoimmune Disease

5 Steps For a Healthier Life

Learn How to Cook Like Your Grandmother and Save Time in the Kitchen: AIP Batch Cook

Has Contemporary Medicine Made Us Lazy?

AIP Easter Recipe Roundup

20 Awesome Ways to Flavor Kombucha

The No ‘Poo Hair Washing Method… My Experience in Review

AIP Summer Recipe Roundup

Why I Am Proud To Be An Autoimmune Warrior

3 Tips For Dealing With a New Diagnosis

Loving Someone With a Chronic Illness: One Husband’s Perspective

How Parasites Affect Your Health

5 Tips for Healthier Sleep

Healing From Ulcerative Colitis- Jesse’s Story

I Don’t Have Time for AIP

Why Can Some People Eat Junk Food Without Getting Sick?

Shopping For A Non Toxic Mattress

Telling The Truth About Chronic Illness

Tips For Improving Health and Fertility Before Trying to Conceive

Shopping AIP or Paleo at Aldi

Paleo and AIP Holiday Gift Ideas


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